iCool Demountable Permanent / Semi Permanent Pools

Semi-Permanent Pool
Semi-Permanent Pools
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Ice therapy baths

FOR PORTABLE USE AWAY FROM HOME - This provides a light weight carry package for use away from your base.


  • Our revolutionary new 'iCool Multi-Purpose Pools' are semi permanent modular pools at a fraction of the cost of installed spa type pools.
  • All the features and advantages without the high capital cost
  • Can be an attractive fixed installation, or a semi fixed and / or even a fully portable transportable pool package for travel because ofa unique modular design.
  • Ideal for gymnasiums and club rooms but can be portable if needed/
  • Comes in the 3 most requested sizes.
  • Quality metal Fittings
  • Non Inflatable Pool Liner Tough materials , no inflation needed
  • The Right Shape & Size Correct depth plus space for immersing entire body
  • Cold or Hot. Rated for both Cold and Hot contrast use
  • ICOOL READY All Pools have built in quick release water fittings for instant cooling or heating.

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Half Time Bath
Price: $1.754.00

1 Person
Price: $2,145.00

2 Person
Price: $2,475.00

4 Person
Price: $2,749.00

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Other information

Size chart

Pool type

Outer - w x l x h (mm) Inner - w x l x h (mm)

Half time bath

680 x 880 x 560 600 x 800 x 480

1 Person

680 x  1480 x 560 600 x  1400 x 480

2 Person

1180 x 1480 x 560 1100 x 1400 x 480

4 Person

1380 x 1480 x 560 1300 x 1400 x 480
  • One person multi purpose pool - comfortably accommodates 1 athlete.
  • Two person multi purpose pool - comfortably accommodates 2 athletes at the same time.
  • Four person multi purpose pool - comfortably accommodates 4 athletes at the same time.

No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive in built installation, iCool can provide the same performance and features at a fraction of the price that looks attractive, works perfectly first time and can be moved easily if required.

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