iCool Heating Unit

Heating Unit
Heating Unit
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The iCool Heating Unit provides the ability to deliver to athletes, the latest fully controlled and accurate contrast bath therapy.

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Background information

Contrast therapy is a sought after addition to the fully established benefits of the popular ice bath therapy now widely used around the world. Recent research has shown that adding a warm up bath at a controlled temperature to the normal ice bath session can both speed up the therapeutic effects and increase the overall recovery benefits and also enhance the athletes feeling of calmness and well being. This psychological benefit is so important for champion athletes.

The athlete can move from the cold bath to the hot bath as many times as required and each bath will maintain automatically the exact set temperature that is desired by the coach or trainer for the maximum physiological benefits. It allows athletes to realise all the benefits of ice bath therapy faster and more effectively.

Stand alone or remote control

The iCool Recovery pool heating system can be used either under the automatic control of any current iCool Chilling system or can operate completely on its own. The unit provides the ability to heat a separate pool to any temperature from 20C to 45C with rapid heating and fine automatic control across the temperature range.

Normal power outlet compatible

The Heating unit will operate from any normal power outlet and provides automatic heating and water circulation. Temperature is accurately controlled and displayed on a very large LED readout.

Extensive safety features

The Heating system is provided with many safety features that make operation very safe and reliable. It has not one but two residual electrical earth leakage safety systems that remove all power instantly should any fault whatsoever occur. In the extremely unlikely event that a person should come in contact with any electrical component power is removed within one hundredth of a second. The system is all metal construction and suitable for easy transportation. Carry handles are built in.

Power requirements

11 Amps at 220 Volts or 22 Amps at 110 Volts.

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