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Cadel Evans

Quote“I’m not an expert on compression garments but the itsports tights offer greater compression than the other brands that claim to be compression tights.


Cadel Evans

3 time Olympian 1996, 2000 & 2008

1998 & 1999 Mountain Bike World Cup Champion
2002 Commonwealth Games – Gold medal time trial
2007 Champion UCI Pro Tour
Tour deFrance – Second overall
2008 Tour deFrance – Second overall

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Dean Brenton - Physical performance director
Brisbane Broncos

QuoteTo iCool, I am writing to thank you for the tremendous support you have given to us in the development of our revolutionary cooling bath that enables us to cool players throughout games quickly and efficiently.

Having worked in elite sport for many years I have been convinced of the enormous benefits of pre cooling for some time. For many reasons this has been difficult to date in the football codes. Empirical evidence from players in terms of performance enhancement after using this new cooling bath supports contemporary cold therapy research (Vaile et al. 2007).

I would have no hesitation recommending iCool products and iCool as a company to any elite sporting organisation.

Well done iCool, a great invention. We hope you keep up the research and advancements in this exciting field and I look forward to working with your in the future.


Dean Benton
Physical Performance Director
WOW Brisbane Broncos

Brisbane Broncos

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Stuart O'Grady

Quote“Just raced 180k in pouring rain, freezing cold! Got the tights on now & I aint taking them off! They just make my legs feel so much fresher.


Stuart O'Grady

4 time Olympian – Gold medal 2004 Madison
1993 & 1995 World Champion Team pursuit
1994 Commonwealth Games – Gold medals team pursuit & scratch race
1998 2nd Tour deFrance Points Jersey & Stage 14 winner
1999 2nd Tour deFrance Points Jersey
2001 2nd Tour deFrance Points Jersey & Stage 4 winner
2002 Commonwealth Games - Gold medal road race
2003 Australian road race champion
2005 2nd Tour deFrance Points Jersey
2007 Winner Paris Roubaix

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Matt Wilson

Quote I found the ice baths to be very effective at removing lactic acid from my legs. Immediately after the treatment you can feel that your legs are fresher and lighter.

The tights are fantastic. Without doubt better than the others that claim to be compression tights...


Matt Wilson

2007 Herald Sun Tour Winner
2008 Herald Sun Tour King of the Mountains winner
2004 Australian Road Champion

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Nathan Martin on behalf of Lleyton Hewitt

QuoteTo the iCool team.

Hi Guys

You asked me to update you on our experiences with Lleyton's use of the iCool system this past season.

At first I must admit to being a bit uncertain about ice baths for training purposes, but, taking a lead from the AIS who use iCool’s for training in almost every sport, I was happy to trial the idea with Lleyton.

In summary, after using it for more than a year and observing Lleyton's responses both physically and physiologically, I have no doubt now that well controlled ice bath therapy really does deliver very significant benefits. It's easy to understand why it has become an essential part of an intelligent training and recovery regimes in so many sports.

As a professional trainer in A grade tennis, I have notice more and more ice baths are being used by leading tennis players all over the world and I'm sure your pleased that most of them are iCool.

Apart from the more technical recovery and endurance benefits, we have noticed with regular use there is a more difficult to quantify, but extremely important physiological benefit as well. If you ask Lleyton what he personally sees as the main benefit, to him it's the fact that he just feels so much better and calmer after the ice baths. This is a difficult parameter to measure, but from my observation it is enormously helpful in terms of preparation for a match. We would use the system at least two times every day.

So, I am sure you will be pleased to hear, that Lleyton would not part with his iCool and as his trainer I am more than pleased with the recovery results, which are more substantial than I expected. A lot of other players obviously agree and I can see that most major players will be using this system before too long.

Best regards,


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Karen Natoli on the iCool Ice Baths

QuoteDear Matt,

Thank-you so much for loaning me the iCool to test in the lead up to the Canberra Marathon in April 2009.

I have been using the unit after each hard race and training session to help my legs recover faster for the next run.

As a marathon runner it is especially crucial to recover as quickly as possible between sessions to help avoid any potential niggles that can turn into major injuries when you are running 160+ km's per week!

I have firmly believed in the benefit of ice baths for many years and have trialled many different methods. The i-cool is great. I simply switch it on before I head out the door for my run and it is at the right temperature by the time I am finished so i can walk straight back in the door and into the bath to alternate sitting in the bath and high knee lifts out of the bath I repeat this sequence three times before tucking into a hearty HOT breakfast and my compression tights! It sure beats walking or driving to the nearest petrol station to buy big ice bags to come home and fill up the bath to do my icing!

Even though I hate the cold I love the benefit I feel the next day and my legs certainly thank me!

So thank-you again!

Kind Regards,

Karen Natoli

Karen Natoli


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Chris Jongewaard

Quote I had a lot of trouble with my legs after my crash in stage 1 of the Sun Tour and just wasn’t recovering after the Scott 24hr MTB race which finished the day before the Sun Tour started.

The baths and tights were a big difference helping me recover considerable quicker over the one night than normal. I went on to win the hardest stage of the tour (Stage 4 finishing at the top of Mt Buller) the next day thanks to the ice baths and compression tights. The tight are by far the best pair I have used so far in my career very comfortable and very effective.

Thanks again Matt.



Chris Jongewaard

Australian Teams 
2008 MTB World Championships ITA
2007 MTB World Championships GBR
2006 MTB World Championships NZL
2006 Commonwealth Games AUS
2004 MTB World Championships FRA
2003 MTB World Championships SUI

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